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Formex Supply Company

FORMEX offers a wide range of concrete related products including VOC compliant concrete sealers, a unique hybrid sealant, form release, column tubes, nails, loop ties, plastic cement and more. 

The list of products and dealers is continuously growing so check back often for complete listings.



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Where to Purchase

Looking to purchase a Formex product? We have several locations to serve you!

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  Formex Can Seal Clear NS Can Seal Clear NS
Provides primer-less adhesion to concrete, steel, aluminum plus more!

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  Formex Decorative Concreate Sealer Decorative Concrete Sealer
The product is clear, transparent, and easy-to-apply

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  Formex Pro Series Plastic Cement Pro Series Plastic Cement
A sealer and filler for use in patching cracks plus more!

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  Formex Hardware Hardware
We carry different sizes of nails and
anchor bolts.

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  Formex Supply

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Fax: 519-453-9905
Email: info@formexsupply.com

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